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NephilimThe Nephilim, giants and the alien connection – a short precis.


The Nephilim, giants and aliens are subjects about which much has been written, both in terms of fiction and fact. They can simultaneously fascinate and frighten. Many films, for example, Star Wars and ET in the past and Avatar and The Matrix currently, have achieved fame and still gain much press and popularity. Many of these productions, including those targeted at young children, have aliens and whizzing space ships as their themes.

There are cults and cult leaders that claim enlightenment through alien powers, which have grown, and still acquire supporters with some of the most extreme views, leading to serious and tragic consequences. Television shows, such as The X Files, Star Trek and Dr Who - now dated in its appearance - still claim a strong viewing and attendance at celebratory events. There are even fictional books, based on Biblical truth, that anticipate the return of Nephilim and meeting with them (Nephilim - Lynn A. Marzulli). 

Archaeologists today have unearthed skulls of giants and identified ancient structures that are attributed to a giant race whick DNA samples have confirmed (On the trail of the Nephilim - L.A.Marzulli). Sites across the world with startlingly similar characteristics link together. For example, a line drawn from the centre of the henge in New Hampshire to the standing stone that marks the summer solstice, when extended, runs to the centre trilithon stone at Stonehenge: it also extends through Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon, was the home of the Phoenicians, the descendants of the Canaanites, who were, in turn and according to Scripture, a Nephilim tribe. The experts ask if this more than just coincidence?

There have been sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) latterly named UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) over centuries, that are represented from marks in cave carvings in primitive times through to sophisticated radar equipment picking up the same thing at the same time on scanners remote from each other. There is purported to be physical evidence that even up to the current day remains highly classified and secret, such as the Roswell incident at New Mexico in 1947 and the UFO ‘visit’ to Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England.

There is a controlled increase in the release of information by world authorities as the stigma of folly decreases, and people are given air time to testify as to what they have witnessed UAP activity (e.g. Ryan Graves, an ex F18 pilot speaking on Fox News on 24 April 2023. He details his colleagues' witness to similar experiences). However, much alien observation and reporting still remains in the shade.       

An inexhaustible set of questions are raised to seek more clarification on the subject. So what is the fascination? Who are these aliens? Are they real? Where are they now? Are they friend or foe? What power do they have over us, our planet and our long term home? Most importantly, what does the Bible say about the subject?

The human race has been prepared for over a century to expect to see alien life and to observe great signs and wonders. The links between science, science fiction and the occult cross and cross-fertilize. The edges of each becomes blurred, particularly to a mainly unscientifically, technologically-softened-up world populous, many of whom are looking forward to embrace and live alongside their ‘space brothers.’

The Nephilim and giants

The term ‘Nephilim’ is a Hebrew word, meaning the fallen ones (Nephal – to fall, cast down, fall away, to desert, and Nephilim, meaning the fallen ones) first used in the Tenach (Genesis 6:4) to inform us that there were Nephilim on the earth both before and after The Flood.

Biblically, one-third of the angels in Heaven, followed Lucifer in his rebellion against God, deserting their place and role (Revelation 12:4), and tried to create a hybrid race with human women; the result of which was the Nephilim. 

The word is also used in Numbers 13:33 as Caleb described what he and the other eleven spies saw at Hebron; people of ‘great size,’ the Nephilim, where ‘we seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.’  These were Rephaim and the word ‘Rephaim’ means the walking dead.

A current map of the so-called ‘West Bank,’ tells us the areas unconquered as per God’s instruction to Joshua to eliminate the Rephaim completely. These include the Golan Heights, the Gaza strip, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho, Ramallah and Hebron which are still in dispute today. God’s unfulfilled requests have dire consequences beyond the present situation.

It is interesting to note that the ‘spies’ who went to Canaan are described both by personal name and their tribe; each one a genuine descendent of the twelve tribes of Israel. Names and genealogy are important through the Bible, and we may wonder why. Perhaps it is now not so strange when we hear there is a boast among some pharmaceutical companies. For example, the name of the drug company Moderna means modified RNA and they boast that they know how to hack into the very fabric of life). The integrity of names, ancestral line and genetic makeup link us directly to our Creator God and are our vital, spiritual life-blood. These contrast with Satan’s plan to tamper with God’s people and God’s redemptive plan for mankind through Jesus Christ. It was interference with the human genetic code that caused the existence of the Nephilim.

The tampering with God’s genetic code may not have yet reached its climax as in Daniel 2:43, Daniel, the prophet told king Nebuchadnezzar about the statue he saw in his dream, ‘just as you saw the iron mixed with the baked clay so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.’

Beyond these Biblical citations, almost every traditional reference book, concordance and commentary appears to reveal little or no knowledge of the term, ‘Nephilim.’ The search can continue however, using the term ‘giant’, or through relating to specific tribes of Nephilim; for example, Og, king of Bashan, (who incidentally, with others, was Nephilim and existed after The Flood and verifies that Nephilim were around both before and after The Flood), the Rephaites, the Horites, the Emites and the Zuzites (Genesis 14:15 and Joshua 15:14).

Anak and his sons, possibly Nimrod and Goliath and his brothers, and the Amalakites all had Nephilim characteristics. 


The words ‘giant’ or ‘gigas’ or ‘gibbor’ meaning hero or man of great stature, are used in the Greek Septuagint to describe the Nephilim of Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33. The Septuagint also uses the term ‘gigantes’ or earth-born or Hag Gibborim, the mighty ones. Are the terms ‘Nephilim’ and ‘giants’ interchangeable or are the Nephilim the first generation and the giants those that follow.

The Jewish historian, Josephus Flavius, speaks of the Nephilim as real people. In his Antiquities of the Jews, 5.2.3/7.12.1/3.14.2/3.5.2, Josephus describes the Israelites as slaying a ‘race of giants.’ He describes the features of these giants; ‘their bodies are so large, their countenances are so entirely different from other men.’ ‘Visually, they are surprising and they are terrible to the ears. Their bones are unlike any creditable relationship to other men.’ Clearly these creatures have little resemblance to the beings Creator God made. One of the features of giants is their height; reported to be at least 20-22 feet

Steve Quayle, who has researched this subject for decades, was asked whether he believes giants are alive today, and replies emphatically, ‘Absolutely!’ He relates the story of a pilot who was called upon to fly a dead giant from Afghanistan to Mannheim military base. It had terrorised the people of one of the villages and killed five military personnel. Up until this mission the pilot was a sceptic. The overriding impression of this creature was the unusually sickening foul smell associated with it. Quayle says we should not be surprised. When Jesus removed demons, the latter were called ‘unclean.’ In Greek, the word unclean means foul-smelling or corrupted.

Giants or sons of giants are also referred to in Job 16:14, Deuteronomy 2:11, 2:20, 3:11 and 3:13, 1Chronicles 20 and 2Samuel 21. Goliath was never described as a giant in the Bible, but some scholars hold that the description of him indicates he was from the Rephaites. The Septuagint translates his description with the word ‘gigas’ (a man of great stature) in Gen14:5, Jos 12:4, 13:12, 1Chron 11:15, 14:9, 20:4,6.

Certain Philistines, according to 2 Samuel 21:16, 18, 20, 22, are spoken of as ‘sons of the giant.’

Interestingly, when I tried to verify these citations, some, for example, Job 16:14, even the translation that purports to be the Septuagint offers a dilute rendition, advancing a different sentence altogether that does not include the word giant. In the RSV, the term ‘warrior’ is used in place of giant.   
The giants were not friends of Israel. They appeared and were frightening and were a very real threat to the human race. In some way, they were able to escape The Flood and flourish after. Does that have resonance in today’s world?

Fallen angels

The two bloodlines; the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, present a narrative right through the Old Testament, New Testament and into Revelation where Satan and his fallen angels attempt to corrupt the bloodline that would lead to Jesus Christ. This does therefore have great relevance to the gospel, our salvation and end time prophesy (Ryan Pitterson – Judgement of the Nephilim).

Satan’s efforts had to be concentrated on earth as that would be where Jesus would be born and the battle with Satan fought.

Enoch Book 1 (known as The Book of Enoch) whilst not an inspired Book of Holy Scripture, speaks at length about the subject of fallen angels, going so far as to identify them by name and has therefore, something to offer in understanding the subject. The Book names the fallen angels, tells us of their leader who demands an oath of allegiance from his followers in case they were tempted to fall back. These angels knew what they were doing. According Enoch, the leader, Semjaza, feared that he alone would ‘pay the penalty of a great sin.’ (Enoch 6:4)

It is a Book that is included today in the Ethiopic Bible and was used as a reference by the early disciples in the New Testament. Jude changed the tone and intent of his letter when he realised that ‘certain godless people had secretly slipped in’ among the people ‘who deny Jesus Christ, our only Sovereign and Lord.’
Jude, believed to be a brother of Jesus, in verses 6 and 7 of his letter in this context says, ‘And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home - these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgement on the great Day.’

All of the ancient cultures before Christ; Babylonian, Assyrian Persian, Greek and Roman speak about super beings that came down from the heavens, took human wives and produced abnormal offspring. Hercules and Achilles were half human, half god. Apollo was a god of ancient times but also turns up in Revelation 9. Apollo would have been Nephilim.

The fallen angels not only gave up their place in Heaven, they tore up their job descriptions as watchers, carers, guardians of the human race and their roles as servants of the Most High, to seek what they perceived as greener pastures. Their original remit of caring was exchanged not only to do harm but also to be cruel and uncompassionate. It was the fallen angels who instructed mankind in dark arts; they taught them charms and enchantments and the cutting of roots (Enoch 7:1-2).

It appears that the fallen angels ‘when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds and beasts and reptiles and fish and to devour one another’s flesh, and drink the blood.’ Enoch 7:5-6.

So how were the fallen angels able to complete their plans? Angels can take on human form. They must have been acceptable to human beings at the time of Noah. We hear today that there are women who cannot wait for aliens to arrive and ‘have their babies!’ If these angels had looked repulsive the women would surely have objected, allowing us to make the assumption that they made themselves beautiful and attractive to the women and their families.

Satan is described in Ezekiel 28:11-15 as becoming proud, on account of his beauty. It is possible that the angels were beautiful but their offspring with human women, the Nephilim, were hideous in their form, look, sound and speech; Satan was able to desecrate the beautiful gift of procreation that God gives the human male/female relationship, but he could not hide what he was doing as the result is so apparent and visible. The knowledge of the giants is in every culture. (Quayle). Nowadays, we see the destruction of reproduction through all sorts of genetic manipulation. It is the return of the Watchers.

What was happening with the fallen angels must have been prolific. This is unlikely to have been a little local difficulty for God to have taken the deviation so seriously as to send The Flood. A local situation could have been contained. What God saw must have been profuse and an anathema to His will.

The fallen angels ‘saw’, ‘selected’ and ‘took’ what they wanted to produce these ‘mighty men.’ We might note that today the ‘elite’ are selecting and deselecting those they want to live on planet earth. Jesus tells us the angels are not given in marriage in heaven but the fallen angels did marry in rebellion and disobedience to God.

When we enter the waters of baptism we proclaim the gospel message, Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and lives again. By joining in baptism, we are identifying ourselves with Him. Romans 6:4.  In very recent times the Catholic Church is exploring the idea of baptising aliens!
Dr Chuck Missler teaches that ‘if the Book of Acts is the Acts of the Apostles, the Letter of Jude is the Act of the apostates, written for the End Times for the Church era.’

We might infer it is not just the angels that left their privileged position, as church leaders, with the immense privilege of preaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ mutate the words to suit a worldly agenda. Apostasy precedes the End Times and invites the person intending to replace the genuine Jesus Christ (the antichrist) to emerge. Again, Dr Missler asserts, ‘False doctrine is not superstition or deviation. It is engineered deception by the host of darkness himself.’  

Perhaps one of the most poignant ways of describing the clash between God’s and the world’s agenda is crystallised by the evangelist Beth Moore who says that when ‘kindness’ is used to deviate from God’s commandments, it is the greatest deception of all.

In addition to Jude, one of the closest disciples to Jesus, Peter, in the context of bringing false teachers and misleading doctrine to the people, says, ‘For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them into gloomy dungeons to be held for judgement.’(2Peter, 2:4). Interestingly, Peter’s word for hell was ‘Tartarus’ the only time the word is used in Scripture to denote the very deepest place of torment. We might infer that angels had a place of prestige and position in God’s kingdom but God will not be silent in His judgement of them. If they are operational today, as in New Age beliefs, they are going to dangerously lead people away from God and the Truth.

Two of the closest people to Jesus on earth, Jude and Peter, raise the subject of angels in the context of false teachers and teaching humanity wrong things. God judged these angelic false teachers and will judge human false teachers in the same way.

Fallen angels are not a minor annoyance, they are a significant threat to God’s redemptive plan for mankind. They have many disguises they can use, but could fall into the category of aliens to our space-age minds. Dr Missler presents an in depth look at aliens, UFOs and the Biblical view of extra-terrestrial beings in his DVD, The Return of the Nephilim and his book written with Mark Eastman called Alien Encounters.
They conclude that ‘Fallen angels may have many disguises but the most convenient for our space age minds are the UFOs and aliens.’  

Jesus said, ‘As in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.’ Matthew 24:37. 

Chuck muses that if the days of Noah were just about people doing wrong, we had better all get lifebelts. His point is that, as bad as it clearly was, there had to be more than just sin to the days of Noah for God to act in such a drastic way and wipe out all but eight souls.

The name Noah means ‘comfort’. Genesis 5:29 says, ‘he (Noah) will comfort us in the painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the Lord has cursed.’ Noah was perfect, not morally but the word used of him is the Hebrew word, ‘tamiyn’, without blemish, it is the word used to describe the sacrificial lamb.  He was 100% human. Interestingly, most of the Patriarchs up to Noah had their first children when they were 50, 60, 90 years old. Noah was 500 years old when he had his three sons.

The line becomes corrupted once more with one of the sons, Ham, whose wife was not perfect in the generations. Nimrod was Ham’s grandson who embodied the spirit of rebellion against God.

2000 years ago, the apostle Paul said, ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ (Eph. 6:12). Paul specifies the powerful, demonic entities at work during every time period since the fall of Satan.

Satan’s attempts to thwart God’s redemptive plan.

It is not possible to separate the fallen angels from the giants. The fallen angels saw greener pastures and genetically deformed creatures (giants) were the result.

In one of the many instances where Satan could have defeated God’s plan for His people, Josephus relates in 7.2.1, that King David, during the war with the Philistines, found himself alone and he was seen by the enemy (Achmon, son of Araph). Achmon was one of the sons of the giants. He had a spear, the handle of which, weighed 300 shekels (7.5 pounds), and a breastplate of chain work. Achmon turned to slay David, taking advantage of the fact King David was tired from battle. Joab’s brother, Abishai, appeared suddenly and protected the king by slaying the enemy.’

Other stratagems of Satan in the Old Testament were attempted through:
  • The corruption of Adam’s line.Genesis 6.
  • Abrahams’s seed Genesis 12, 20.
  • Famine Genesis 50.
  • Destruction of the male line Exodus 1
  • Pharaoh’s pursuitExo 14.
  • The population of Canaan Genesis 12:6.
  • Against David’s line: 2 Samuel 7.
Before the birth of Jesus, the fallen angel view was supported by literature other than Holy Scripture:
  • Traditional rabbinical literature.
  • The Book of Enoch.
  • Josephus Flavius
  • The Septuagint.
  • The Church Patriarchs (Philo of Alexandria, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Athenagoras, Tertillian, Julian).
They all taught this as does much of modern scholarship.
The alien connection

It appears that there are two elements that are necessary for the creation of a hybrid race; fallen angels and the human female to produce a part alien and part human being.

The area of specific interest of alien reports, as told by those who say they have experienced alien abduction, is human sexual reproduction. Abductees commonly refer to painful procedures centred on this.

In a recent interview reported through Prophesy Watchers with Mondo Gonzales, he asked a scientist how much the human genome would have to change in order for the human being not to be human. Her answer was a staggering. A one per cent change in our genome would be enough to render the human non-human. If true, any genetic alteration is to be taken very seriously.

There are three types of aliens; the Grays, the Nordics (Pleidians who Hitler admired; blonde, blue-eyed), and the Reptilians. (Missler).

Are aliens angels? They share some similar characteristics.
  • Angels and aliens can manifest within our time and space into human form.
  • They can both perform supernatural signs and wonders (lying).
  • They can alter their external form (Psalm 91:5; the night hag who can appear as a beautiful woman).
  • They can both control human events and actions (1Chron 21:1; Daniel 10:13).
  • They can both control the human mind (John 13:2, Matthew 13:19,39).
  • They can show false images (Matthew 4:8).
  • Angels and aliens can defy the laws of physics.
  • Holy angels bring good news from God as well as warnings and prophesies and are sent as guardians (watchers) of humanity. Fallen angels attempt to deceive mankind through false messages and lying signs and wonders. 
It might be tempting to believe this Biblical account of Nephilim was just a moment in time or an unreal account destined for the vain imaginings of the film producer.

The build-up of evidence over time that has gathered pace to the current day, shows that this cannot be the case and it is not just a temporal phase or human interest that is driving it. This may well be a finale of what the Bible tells us will happen and the culmination of God’s Plan. Genesis 6:1 says the genetic mischief started ‘When men began to increase in number on the earth …..’ Satan has been attacking God through His people by trying to imitate God and make himself God.

Isaiah 14 tells us of the five ‘I wills’ of Satan.
  • I will ascend to heaven,
  • I will raise my throne above the stars of God.
  • I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.
  • I will ascend above the tops of the clouds.
  • I will make myself like the Most High.
In seeing the end game of Satan it is possible to perceive that much of what is happening today is leading the world to this false hope and anti-God values. Many would like to bury their heads in the sand and get on with life. What the work of Satan and his angels show us is that this is just not possible.
Remember this, fix it in mind, take it to heart, you rebels.
Remember the former things, those of long ago;
I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me.
I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come.
I say, ‘My purpose will stand and I will do all that I please.’
(Isaiah 46:8-10)

Andrea Love, 17/05/2023

Heather 18/05/2023 19:19
Bit concerned about this quote : "The two bloodlines; the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, present a narrative right through the Old Testament, New Testament and into Revelation where Satan and his fallen angels attempt to corrupt the bloodline that would lead to Jesus Christ. This does therefore have great relevance to the gospel, our salvation and end time prophesy "(Ryan Pitterson – Judgement of the Nephilim). I think there is some false doctrine out there about this. Worth reading the entry in Wikipaedia under "serpent seed"
Heather 18/05/2023 19:21
Also concerned about Missler's quote where he says there are three types of aliens, nordic, something else I can't remember and "reptilian". What on earth does he mean? This sounds like a David Icke doctrine to me...
Editor 20/05/2023 09:40
David Icke is a very interesting character. He rose to prominence on the New Age subject when I was researching it back in the early 90s. Of course he doesn't have a biblical faith or understanding, but he does seem to be seeing (some) things; or maybe 'perceiving' some things would be a better way of putting it. What we are seeing is a rise of the 'secular prophets'; many of whom seem to have more acute understandings than much of the church.
Graham 21/05/2023 14:36
Thanks, Andrea for all the information in your researched article. Prof Michel Chossudovsky from Global Research has also written in his latest (May 18th 2023) article “The killer vaccine Modifies the human genome. He states:

“Once the Lie becomes the Truth, there is no moving backwards. Insanity prevails. The world is turned upside down.”

“Let us be under no illusions, the Covid Jab is not only “experimental”, it’s a Big Pharma “killer vaccine” which modifies the human genome. The evidence of mortality and morbidity resulting from vaccine inoculation both present (official data) and future (e.g. undetected microscopic blood clots) is overwhelming.”

Much is now being written about human genes and DNA being altered by doctors, researchers and scientists. This was also mentioned during the latest European Parliament Conference COVID III held on the 3rd of

May 2023 in Brussels. It seems highly likely that we could be looking at ‘Humans 2.0 which I believe Dr Carrie Madej intimated this right at the beginning of the Covid crisis,

Nick Thompson 22/05/2023 16:35
Thank you Andrea, a well measured and considered piece of writing. The questions I would have are as follows: -
Personally I am not convinced that the Adversary participated in the watchers conspiracy, although I feel pretty sure he may have been an encourager or provoker.
Secondly, I suspect that our picture of what we know as angels, although that is really just a job description, is shaped by the description of keruvim, most appearances in the Bible are as men and maybe these beings are actually bigger, stronger versions of us. If so maybe the human women thought they were getti g a great deal.
Thirdly, I believe scripture teaches us that Joshua's and David's wars were to root out Nephilim remnants.
Finally do you think that some of the mythic creatures from history were results of Watcher/Nephilim experiments?
Look forward to Tuesday night's discussion.
Editor 02/06/2023 11:19
>>> Quote >>>
After decades of stigma that saw unidentified anomalous phenomena – or UFOs as they are more commonly known – frequently dismissed from sensible scientific discussion, it is clear from this meeting that Nasa now wants to take the subject seriously.

It reflects an ongoing shift within the wider scientific community regarding the willingness to talk openly and honestly about the potential for extra-terrestrial life out there in the Universe.
Ref: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-us-canada-65769172

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