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The Christian Church and the Gospel of Christ is facing increasing opposition around the world from Islam and government bodies. Meanwhile with Jesus predicting a rise in deception the need for discernment is increasing.

Life lineOur world is changing at a bewildering speed and much of what has been taken for granted in the latter half of the 20th century is now changing. False teaching, heresy and fragmentation are wreaking havoc within the church whilst in the Western world there is a growing attack from government, media and religious opposition.

This section of the Christians Together website is to be dedicated to articles which might be of some help to believers in the days in which we live.

Ultimately of course our help and trust is in God as He leads, guides and teaches through His Word and by the Holy Spirit as He speaks into our lives.
What to look for in a church
As more and more believers are finding that existing church structures, practices and teachings are inadequate and/or flawed it is important to examine some basic characteristics of meeting together. More ...
Christians Together
Joining the dots2
Peter made the connection: we must do the same
When the Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost, the The apostle Peter ‘joined up the dots’ between that event and its relationship to God’s prophetic word. The same perspicacity is vital in our day. More ...
Christians Together
message in a bottle
Unsettled? Moi?
Having made a journey in space and time, an article first published in May 2005 has 'washed up' on the shores of New Zealand and now been returned to the author's inbox in the Scottish Highlands. More ...
The Editor
Growing anti-Christian prejudice in the U.K.
Facts about Islam
Muzzled by Fear
Potiphar's wife lives on
Where do our doctrines come from?
The Jezebel Spirit
Maintaining our balance
Confusion reigns  in and regarding the church
Deception in a Dumbed-down environment
Ten things everyone needs to know about Islam
Evil Spirits dominate, manipulate, intimidate
What shape the church?
An 'exchange of views' on the Pre-trib rapture
Of the Spirit or not?
Will there be a sudden, secret Rapture?
Sound Doctrine for the Remnant; a resource for believers
What we are not hearing from God's Word
Is the church heading underground?
Christians are being robbed of their faith
Study Bibles: danger handle with care!
When Jesus Returns
The (Coming) Millennium
Satellite Christian TV - Blessing or Danger?
Putting a stop to Cessationism
Clericalism is killing the church
Occult spirits in the church?
I will set a Plumb Line amongst My People
It's right to allow calls to gay ministers
Once saved; always saved
Easter; myths and traditions obscure amazing truths
What is Next for Rick Warren?
Q 'n' A sessions after Sunday sermons?
Sexuality, eschatology, Israel: and falling leaves
Countering the Insider Movement: a new film
Voting: the great church splitter
Obstacles to Spiritual Growth: An OverviewThis article has associated audio
The Platypus Challenge
Platypus Verses
Wycliffe Woes
To whom it may concern
Truth, error and deception
Will the church be all-conquering before Jesus comes back?
Something biblical; or just more of the same?
Rick Warren builds bridge to Islam
Passion Week/Last Supper/Traditions
Are we really caring for one another?
Reformation document is damaging the church
Reformation; Sacraments; Babies and Bathwater
Off Message: attacks from the inside?
Depression and the Christian (2)
Depression and the Christian (1)
Prophecy fulfilled: rumours of wars arising
A situation; a request
When everything shakes, in whom do we trust?
Leaven in the lump, and tares amongst wheat
David Pawson's Fireside Chats
Don't read this...
Chinese churches join in the persecution of 'underground' churches
Is there anything wrong with Rob Bell's gospel?
The 'Left Behind' doctrine relaunched
Kingdom Now teaching: beware!
Healing and Restoration at Blairmore House
Thank God: someone has said it at last
Kundalini spirits in the church?
The Shack; huge help or subtle heresy
The 'Emerging' Church and Straw Men
Disarming of The Church
A powerful message
Wholeness and Healing