Collapse of the World's Money System?

Financial analyst Graham Bridger wonders whether we are entering the final stage of the collapse of the currency system which we have always known.

BanksThe recent news about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the United States of America came as a shock to most as it was listed as the 17th biggest bank in the world with assets of $729 billion. It was considered to be the second-largest bank collapse in US history and it caused quite a stir, especially as it was followed by the collapse of two other US banks, Signature and Silvergate. 
But when the announcement came of the impending collapse of Credit Suisse, one of Europe’s largest banks, regarded as a ‘Systemically Important Institution’ (SMI) and therefore considered ‘too big to fail’, the concerns amongst investors were raised to boiling point. However, within a matter of hours, with government and Central Bank intervention, Credit Suisse was taken over by UBS Bank, another giant, for the knockdown price of £2.6 bn. According to the Daily Telegraph, the 167-year-old lender was valued at more than £65 bn at its peak. But this purchase took place behind closed doors without the shareholders of UBS even having been consulted.

"The problem is that most people have no idea what that would mean in reality".

It is perhaps not surprising, therefore, that commentators throughout the financial world, who have been discussing the near certainty of a complete collapse of the entire world’s monetary system since the Global Debt Crisis of 2008, began to speak of impending doom. It was, after all, Gordon Brown, then Prime Minister of the UK, who stated that the entire system had come to within one hour of its complete demise. Had it done so, we would all be living in a very different world today. The problem is that most people have no idea what that would mean in reality and probably wouldn’t want to know. But in the case of the Global Crisis of 2008, events were caused by pure fraud involving the subprime mortgage market which many pundits consider was completely avoidable had the offending banks been allowed to fail. There would, in their opinion, have been no systemic crisis as predicted by the moneymen who effectively blackmailed Congress into a massive bail-out using taxpayer's money.
Financial CrisisThe question is, have we finally arrived at the point where we might see a complete meltdown of the entire banking system? After all little has changed in the cavalier attitude of bankers towards the ever-increasing, eye-watering levels of debt – now estimated to be about $226 Trillion according to the IMF Blog.  If such a meltdown were to occur, millions of people would likely see their entire savings and investments disappear in a puff of smoke on a scale never before known. The fact is, of course, that none of us really knows at this stage, because of the multi-complexity of a thoroughly corrupt money system which has grown into something far more sinister since the 2008 crisis.
Silicon Valley Bank was involved with the Big Tech industry, hence the name Silicon Valley. With billionaires as customers handling significant sums of money in the billions they were always far shrewder and wiser than ordinary investors and they knew exactly when to pull their money out when they realised the consequences of rapidly rising interest rates. They knew full well that the SVB could not possibly prevent a run on its deposits when the bank had previously made investments into 30-year treasuries with the vast amounts of cash that had previously flooded in during the low-interest period of the last 14 years. When interest rates rose, the value of these so-called safe securities would fall. This is exactly what happened. 
But the failure of Signature and Silvergate Banks, known as Crypto Banks, quite likely held huge deposits of Crypto Currency exchange funds. This is where it is necessary to resort to a certain level of conjecture because there are so many factors at play that have massive implications for the world. 
History recorded that during the period 1986 – 1995, thousands of smaller banks in the US were effectively squeezed out of business by events that involved the famous Savings and Loan crisis. Many believe that the biggest banks made a killing during this crisis and many still believe that something similar is at play. After all, it seems that the thousands of smaller US banks that remain could yet hit the wall with a great transfer of money into the hands of the giant systemically important banks. So, what is so sinister now?

Today, there are three massively important issues to consider because the circumstances are not the same as before.

  1. Firstly, The World Health Organisation (WHO) is very close to taking control over the decisions of all sovereign governments with a revised Treaty which would enable them to call a pandemic for any number of obscure reasons.   

  2. Secondly, the Central Banks of the World are on the verge of introducing a new world Money System called Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) whether we like it or not. The public at large simply remains unaware of what is going on under their very noses or what is in store.  

  3. Thirdly, the challenge of decentralised Crypto Currencies has always been a major threat to Centralised banking and particularly so with the intended announcement of CBDCs which will enable Central Banks to take complete control of all personal spending. Whereas Cryptocurrencies were seen as a means to maintain the freedom to spend your money, CBDCs will, in effect, be the end of Freedom, as many understand it. A combination of the three events will enable the final piece of the great Satanic plan (The Great Reset) to fall into place and bring with it a fully authoritarian control system designed to enslave the population of the world. Freedom will have been forfeited by people who failed to see this gigantic authoritarian regime emerging.  

"We have reached a point where people need to get serious and make a vitally important choice".

This, of course, is nothing less than the system prophesied in the Bible in 2 Thessalonians and Revelation over 2,000 years ago and written by the apostles Paul and John respectively. Indeed the spirit of Jesus told John to write that a time was coming when people would no longer be able to buy and sell without the ‘Mark of the Beast’ (Rev. 13:16-17). This mark either received on the right hand or the forehead would show allegiance to the wicked power system that emerged.
We have reached a point where we need to get serious and make vitally important choices.  Either we believe in the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ or we continue to put their trust in man.
1. While Graham spoke in a UK context, the above changes are of worldwide significance; and similar moves are and will be made by the other nations in the world.
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Graham Bridger Graham Bridger spent his working life in the world of finance. He was previously CEO of a financial services company. He is the author of  three books: The Global Debt 'Time Bomb'. The Great Last Days Money Deception and the most recent Converging Signs and Rejection of Truth.
Graham lives north-east of London. He was one of the three main speakers at an online 'Navigating the Pandemic Fog' conference in 2021 and has been part of the organising group since the Autumn of 2020. The team meet every week to track, discuss and pray about all the changes and threats we are seeing in our world from a biblical perspective.

Graham Bridger, 02/04/2023