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Article 'Response' facility

Dec. 2014

Since the inception of the Christians Together web site in 2007, the facility which allows responses to articles has, in the vast majority of cases, been made available to all site visitors - whether they be followers of Christ or not; and irrespective of their views (provided these were offered in a polite manner).

Generally there has been no great problem with this 'open' structure. (Messages which used offensive tone/language have been infrequent and can be 'reported' by site members for editorial moderation.) This status has allowed 'enquirers' who may be genuinely interested in the Christian faith to engage; and those who were not, the freedom to express their opinions and interface with a Christian audience. However.....

Recent situation:

There has been an increasing number of anonymous posts emanating from what is suspected to be relatively few 'Christians' who are neither site members nor prepared to either register with the site or identify themselves privately to the Editor; and this in spite of invitations so to do. The messages therefore lack the integrity of being posted in an open and honest fashion by those who are prepared to identify themselves with what they say. Very often these messages emanate from those (few) who endeavour to (ab)use the facility as a personal pulpit for one 'hobby horse' or another.  Accordingly ....

Current position:

All articles will carry the following footnote: 'The 'Response' facility on some articles may be restricted to CT site members. In these circumstances posts from non-site members should be sent to the Editor by e-mail: editor<atsign>christianstogether.net"
It is stressed that any deleting of messages from anonymous sources will NOT be for disagreeing with any parrticular point of view (including that of the Editor), but rather for one of the following reasons -

  • Going substantially or completely 'off topic'
  • Being 'argumentative' or offensive
  • Fixated on any one issue
  • Developing into a 'ping-pong' (of two persons) which would be better conducted as private e-mail (in order to avoid 'clutter' on the forums)
  • Posting repeatedly while remaining anonymous

Regarding the last point above, an initial 'anonymous' post on any one topic may be allowed to remain (provided it doesn't breach any of the other conditions). However subsequent anonymous posts from what seems to be the same source will be deleted.

1. There is an 'open forum'  Debate section on the site available to all site visitors; and topics for discussion can be placed there. However questions to the Editor should normally be posted as a private e-mail.
The 'open' Debates section can be accessed by 'clicking here' or via the 'Home>Forums' menu on the main menu bar.

See also: 'Editorial Policies' which includes links to the 'Site Ethos' and 'Disagreeing with Grace'.

2. Registered site members have the facility (if they wish to use it) to adopt a 'psuedonym' when communicating to or through the CT website.

The Editor, 04/12/2014

NOTICE: - The 'Response' facility on most articles is restricted to CT site members. Site members should login here. Comments/questions from non-site members should be sent to the Editor by e-mail.

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