The Great Last Days Money Deception

Graham Bridger speaking following a Revelation TV appearance and responding to questions.

Article update (Feb 23: 2023) - Video now available.
Click on image to access the video
Graham BridgerFollowing Graham's appearance on Revelation TV last year, he was recently asked to appear again at the end of January 2023. He was interviewed by both Revelation TV founder Howard Condor and also Simon Barratt on the latter's 'politics' programme.
On 21 Feb. 2023, Graham spoke to an online audience about the radical changes that are being planned for our currency system which will eventually move us away from the 'hard currency' (cash in our pockets) and the retail banking as we have always know it.

A recording of the above-mentioned meeting can be accessed by clicking on the image . The first part of the video contains an augmented version of Graham's interviews for Revelation TV and is followed by Graham responding to questions and comments from the online audience.
1. While Graham spoke in a UK context, the above changes are of worldwide significance; and similar moves are and will be made by the other nations in the world.
2. Some 'bio' information on Graham and links to the books he has published can be seen below.
3. For an earlier meeting in this series (27 Oct. 2022) click here for trailer video.

Graham Bridger Graham Bridger spent his working life in the world of finance. He was previously CEO of a financial services company. He is the author of  three books: The Global Debt 'Time Bomb'. The Great Last Days Money Deception and the most recent Converging Signs and Rejection of Truth.
Graham lives north-east of London. He was one of the three main speakers at an online 'Navigating the Pandemic Fog' conference in 2021 and has been part of the organising group since the Autumn of 2020. The team meet every week to track, discuss and pray about all the changes and threats we are seeing in our world from a biblical perspective.

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